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Lead .Net Developer

Esminiai įgūdžiai: React.JS | .Net | Angular.js


Currently we are looking for .Net Developer to join friendly team of our client's Exadel team.

The Project is a web-based application, which allows you to track and manage hardware devices and software licenses. The system’s main purposes are:

1. Easily discover hardware devices and software licenses in the company.

2. Quickly search the hardware inventory to find required information including model, hardware serial number, location, assignment, etc.

3. Track and manage hardware inventory throughout its lifecycle.

Project Team:

1 Project Manager, 1 Scrum Master, 1 Business Analyst, 1 Team Lead, 2 Back-end Engineers, 2 Front-end Engineers, 1 QA.


● Ability to create a solution from scratch. 3+ years of experience.

● ASP.NET MVC using C#.NET, Angular/React, HTML5, CSS, and MS SQL Server

● Experience with Agile methodology and Extreme Programming best practices like TDD, CI/CD, and pair programming

● Familiarity with Amazon Web Services/Microsoft Azure platforms

● Technical leadership and excellent communication skills

● Strong organizational skills

Design & Architecture

● OOP, patterns

● Ability to analyze current architecture and propose refactoring

● Ability to design functionality from scratch


● Framework, logging (NLog, log4net)

● Unit testing for most frameworks (nUnit, xUnit, Microsoft Test Framework)

● Mocking (MockQ, NSubstitute)

● Testing of web services

● Approach for load testing

● Dependency injection (one of the following: Unity, SimpleInjector, NInject, Autofac, LightInject, Castle Windsor)

● Knowledge of common scenarios, like PDF/Excel generation, etc.

Database and Data Access

● SQL and noSQL databases

● ORM - Entity Framework

● Dapper and other frameworks

● Ability to choose the correct persistence model based on performance, data size, etc

Algorithms and Data structures


● .NET framework and .NET Core platform, cross-platform development, Azure, ASP.NET /ASP.NET Core or WebAPI


● C#

● Javascript

Nice to have:

● Bachelor or Master’s degree in computer science, computer engineering, or a related field

● Basic knowledge of REST

● Basic knowledge of SQL Server Datatool (SSDT) and SQL Database Projects

● Basic knowledge of Windows Forms

● Ability and desire to learn and explore new technologies

English level:

Upper- Intermediate


● Produce code using .NET languages

● Writes unit tests and code that adheres to coding standards

● Provide technical support

● Communicate with the Customer on a regular basis

● Work as a team member and provide technical leadership on project

● Bring energy and passion to your work day in and day out. Be strategic and tactical

We offer:

● Official and timely pay

● Social perks

● Sick pay, vacations

● Flexible work schedule

● Friendly environment

● Opportunity for career growth

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React.JS 3-4 metai
Angular.js 3-4 metai
.Net 3-4 metai
Lead .Net Developer

Lead .Net Developer

8% atsakoma į užklausas

Apie poziciją:
Vilnius, Lietuva
Nuotoliniu būdu
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nuo €2500/Mėn.
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(Už 4 dienų)

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