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Infrastructure Engineer (DevOps)

UAB Bankera
Esminiai įgūdžiai: PostgreSQL | Puppet | Bash | Ansible | Docker


Senior Infrastructure Engineer will be responsible for working collaboratively with Bankera software engineering teams: to deploy and operate systems; help out to automate and streamline operations as well as processes; build and maintain tools for deployment, monitoring, and operations; troubleshoot and resolve issues in development; test production environments.


- Ensure successful deployments in development, test and production platforms

- Minimize the failure rate of new releases

- Ensure that servers, virtual machines, and working tools are running stable

- Develop and maintain a secure local infrastructure

- Optimize and automate time-consuming tasks


- Linux system administration - managing packages and configuration, troubleshooting, scripting

- Container technologies; Docker

- Experience with metrics, monitoring, alerting, and logging systems

- Knowledge and experience in Disaster Recovery strategies

- Working with highly available, scalable and distributed systems; microservices

- Experience with automation/configuration management using Ansible, bash or an equivalent (puppet, the chef is a plus)

- Ability to use a wide variety of open source technologies and cloud services

- Experience with PostgreSQL and MySQL

- Networking; underlay/overlay networks, VPN, subnets

- Understanding of build servers

- Innovative ideas on how to improve cross-functionality

- A working understanding of code and scripts

- Attention to details

- Flexibility

- Ability to find creative, innovative solutions

- Empathy and ability to work in a team

- Good problem-solving skills

- Analytical mindset

Company offers

- Flexible working hours

- Competitive salary

- Modern offices and solid IT infrastructure

- Professional and personal development

- International and talented team

- Employee referral program

- Great team-building events

Confidentiality guaranteed. Only selected candidates will be informed.

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Infrastructure Engineer (DevOps)

Infrastructure Engineer (DevOps)

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Vilnius, Lietuva
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€600 - 3500/Mėn.
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