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Azure Cloud (.NET) Developer

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Company background:

  1. Being the most compelling technology company empowering people for better business decisions through symbiosis between Human and Artificial intelligence.
  2. Today, 85% of the AI projects fail – and they’re going to fix that with your help!  
  3. They’re building a state-of-the-art decision intelligence platform, a framework that helps with the operationalization of AI or ML for real business decisions. 
  4. According to the renowned analyst firm Gartner, Decision intelligence is the near future of decision making and is expected to be a practical focus of more than 33% of large organizations by 2023. 
  5. Being a frontrunner and become part of this exciting journey making humans and AI working together successfully. 
  6. Their platform is complementary to the major AI technology platforms like Microsoft, Google and Amazon.  

They are looking to be part of their Implementation Services Team:

  • A startup mentality
  • Big autonomy and responsibility
  • To work with a team of experts
  • Join their pioneer role in the space of AI+Human (decision Intelligence)
  • be part of their implementations team, to help out their customers with the roll out and integration of their SaaS software, or with the implementation of customized solutions for their customers.

Their mission:

Empowering people for better business decisions through symbiosis between Human and Artificial intelligence.

Role Specifics:

  • They work in an agile manner. During the daily scrum meeting (remote using MS Teams or at the office) they discuss any blocking issues with their team members location in Europe and with the customer in case of a custom build solution.
  • After a sprint period, they take time for feedback and learn how they can improve as a team and as an individual.
  • You can plan your work flexible, however they deliver solution as a team.
  • You can rely on the expertise of the team. You are never alone if you have a problem.
  • Whenever a major milestone is achieved, they take some time to celebrate.

 Must-have skills:

On day one they'll expect you to...

· be an expert in the Microsoft Azure platform

· be able to coach new people on the job


· C# .NET

· strong focus on Microsoft Azure PaaS technologies amongst Azure Analytics, Compute, Containers, Databases, Devops and Integration.

· SCRUM-team player

 What separates the best from the rest:

Added bonuses you have...

  • you are pro-active and open to communicate potential risks or issues
  •  you are able to communicate with the technical project manager ( of their customer) in a friendly and structured manner.
  •  you are passionate about Microsoft technology.
  •  you have been working in a consulting team before, and are familiar with SCRUM, DEVOPS, Cloud Technology ( Azure).
  •  you are a ‘pragmatic’ developer.
  •  you are fluent in English.

Team culture:

Cnext is build on an open, respectful, all inclusive and honest culture, which they also share with their customers.

Their four capitals are the foundation for the direction of the company, the strategy and the people within Cnext. These four capitals are the mirror for all the decisions they make.

  • the emotional capital: Do you feel enough space to connect with each other starting from their company identity?
  • the intellectual capital: Do you feel you have the competences, knowledge and ideas to fulfill their purpose with their customers?
  • the economical capital: Is the financial performance healthy on every level of the company (e.g projects, team, company…)
  • the spiritual capital : Do you know their purpose and how you can contribute to it with your personal purpose?

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Azure Cloud (.NET) Developer

Azure Cloud (.NET) Developer

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