Here's what we can do for you.

Quick talent delivery

Sometimes it takes us less than a day until we
deliver the right candidate. Take a glimpse
at our algorithmic search and see out how it
works by hitting HITMATCH.

  • + 17.000 Specialists Database
  • + 3000 Reviewed CV’s
  • + 4000 website visitors/month
  • + 900 LinkedIn Followers daily
  • + 100 e-mails sent daily
  • + 60 Phone Calls daily

Plain Headhunting

It may take only few days until we’ll bring you
the right CV’s using our know-how in social
sites, niche web communities, groups, job
boards, straightforward emails, cold calls,
personal connections and other imaginable
and unimaginable ways.

Initial Assessment

According to your need, we are happy to do
candidate’s evaluation or testing for development,
training, management and succession planning.

Contracting Model

This model is very useful when you want to hire a person for a project, not a permanent position. We’ve adopted this model form Scandinavian counties where it has been used
for decades. Oh yes, we’re also flagmen of this model in Lithuania. We’ve got your attention?

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How we partner with you.

  • Dedicated manager
  • Focus on "Hard-to-Fill" positions
  • Speed is our priority to you
  • HR-friendly on boarding
  • Candidate assesment
  • Marketing campaigns
  • Friendly payment terms
  • Discounted fees

If we could change the course of events and fill in all open IT job roles, which are growing rapidly now, the impact would be significant to all sectors of the economy. We want to prepare Europeans to fill in this vacancy which will be the driving force of the next IT revolution.

President of the European Commission
J. M. Barroso, 2013

Why it works?


Our concept is based on a simple insight: Instead of you spending a lot of time on searching projects or managing consultants, we will take care of it for you.


We harness the power of algorithms to take everything you put at it - location, rate, skills, experience, sector and more - and automatically shortlists into custom results unique to you.

Know How

For consultants, we help understand where there's opportunity, and what you need to do to successfully pursue it. And for businesses we want to show where there's talent, and where's competition.

We are proactive

We want to know market from up close and with a personal touch.

Partners in quality

HITCONTRACT performs continuous needs analyses to identify the needs of our customers and to allow us to develop our service.

Your new channel

An effective and new way of opening a hiring or employment channel in IT.
Locally and globally.

That’s just a glimpse where we’ve placed IT people

How we do it?

Step 1

Firstly, we hit our inner +17k connections database to find you the best match.

1-2 days

Step 2

Secondly, we use our platform to market your role, so we could invite candidates or get direct applications to your position.

1-2 Weeks

Step 3

Lastly, we use social sites, niche web communities, job boards, straightforward emails, cold calls, personal connections and other imaginable and unimaginable ways to get you the best talent.

Up to 1 month

Try out platform yourself for FREE for a start

We’ve built HITCONTRACT self-service for you. This is your recruitment platform. You can do recruiting yourself,
but if you need us, our friendly team will be on hand when you need it. Here’s what you can do NOW & FREE:

  • Post free jobs
  • Send offer to consultant
  • Get matched candidates
  • Know consultant expectations
  • Respond with a single click
  • Set interview online
  • Manage candidate pipeline
  • Send short messages
  • Try platform