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Senior Developer – Team lead in Kaunas

Key skills required: Team Leading


Senior Developer – Team lead in Kaunas 

Our client – a leading regional telecommunications solution provider is looking for a team-lead to manage a software development team 

Proposed work areas:  

  •  Development and maintenance of distributed data processing systems  
  •  Development and maintenance of a full-scale Unified Communication system, including a sophisticated GUI  
  •  Development of monitoring and protection solutions for computer systems  


  •  Experience in team leading, software project management  

Team is working with:

  • C/C++  
  • C, C macros,  
  • C++, Object Oriented Programming in C++, Template Programming, std library  
  • Standards C++03, C++11, C++14  
  • Unit test framework (at least one, for example CppUnit, Google Test, Boost.Test)  
  •  Windows environment (Win 32 API)  
  • Scripting: cmd/bat, PowerShell  
  • Creating executables, DLLs, libraries in C++.  
  • Accessing Windows Registry from C++  
  • Microsoft based technologies:  
  • Visual Studio (2005 or higher), MFC, ActiveX 
  • Other technologies: 
  • XML, json, WSDL, SOAP, REST 
  • UML 
  •  socket programming, TCP and UDP protocols 
  • GUI programming 
  • multiplatform programming in C++ 
  • distributed systems 

We offer: 

  • Participation in interesting and challenging projects and focused workgroups 
  •  A personalized development plan and regular progress reviews 
  • Skill-based pay and motivational system 
  • Great working conditions and flexible hours 
  • Potential to travel abroad and communicate with worldwide-known clients 
  • Constant improvement of professional skills (trainings, seminars, exhibitions, etc.) 

Required Skills

Team Leading 2-3 years
Senior Developer – Team lead in Kaunas

Senior Developer – Team lead in Kaunas

30% response rate

About the assignment:
Kaunas, Lithuania
Rate (after tax)
€2300 - 2500/Month
Full time position
Expire On
(3 weeks from now)

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