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DevOps Engineer

Key skills required: DevOps


Do you want to be part of an awesome team of engineering professionals, building and delivering an award-winning insurance solution used by more than 100,000 users daily?

  • Are you passionate about tools and technologies for continuous integration and delivery? 
  • Is your first thought to automate stuff instead of fixing? 
  • Are you flexible with technologies and eager to learn what is required to finish the task at hand? 
  • Do you observe the value created by pipelines and processes that you own? 

If you answered Yes! to the questions above, you are the profile that we are looking for to join our great DevOps team in Tia Technology. 

About the Job:

As a DevOps Engineer at Tia Technology, you will be part of a Digital solutions implementation team that works with TIA Customers directly and delivers software. We think of DevOps as a holistic philosophy, that encompasses everything from the first lines of code and to fully automating boring routines and procedures.

Our company develops software, has a small army of consultants that implement it for customers and we also run production systems for our customers as part of our Tia-as-a-Service offering. In other words, we are a full-service shop and you will be working on a wide range of areas, giving you plenty of room to grow. At every step of the way, we are involved technically, but also in helping the wider organization to encompass the DevOps culture and mindset.  

Our team is (in these times) a virtual team, split across DK and LT and we run a smooth and simple Agile process to manage our task flow. We have a good atmosphere in the team, we continually improve our own team processes and we find that a good work environment without too many outside disturbances is vital for productivity and job satisfaction.  

We have a very technical manager, who has a long hands-on background and a strong vision for the role. If you are willing to take on more responsibilities, he’s also happy to delegate and take a step back to a mentoring role.  

The tasks you will be working on, include but is not limited to:  

  • Improve the software development process, including source control structure, build scripting, quality assurance, security etc. 
  • Improve continuous delivery pipelines for our products & Customers
  • Making agile product team more self-sufficient, by teaching them or providing “push this magic button” automation 
  • Configuration management of machines and software via code 
  • Operate and continually improve our own internal infrastructure, on-premise and in the cloud 
  • Operate and continually improve our offering for our customers 

Our tech stack/list has many parts, as we have a mix of our enterprise stack and digital solutions stack:  

  • Cloud infrastructure and services on Amazon AWS and Oracle OCI 
  • Linux and lots of bash scripting. 
  • Docker and Kubernetes in the future, unless rkt takes off ;)
  • Jenkins set up in complicated ways, but moving towards Jenkinsfiles 
  • Source control is a glorious mix of subversion and git, so proficiency in both is a plus
  • Digital Solutions stack
  • Java, Maven and Spring Boot for the RESTful backends
  • React and Angular for our modern SPA web interfaces
  • Amazon Aurora DB, MySQL, PostgreSQL and Redis for data
  • Docker everywhere
  • Oracle PL/SQL is also part of the solution, so knowing whereabouts is an advantage

About You:

You are the perfect candidate for this job if you have embraced the DevOps mindset and love automation and continuous improvement. Your first instinct should be to go for automation and X-as-Code, rather than doing things manually. You have probably scripted/automated repetitive tasks, long before you even knew what DevOps was. 

  • A specialty within one of these areas is a big plus, but not a requirement:
  • Security, as we’d like more in-house competency in securing the infrastructure we host for ourselves and our customers
  • Networking, as it can get quite complex to manage our internal infrastructure, cloud environments and the special needs of our customers
  • Development (Java/Maven and Oracle PL/SQL), as we want to actively change the way that R&D and our consultants develop software 
  • Our working language is English, so proficiency is important
  • Experience, practical or educational, within several of the above-mentioned tech stack items
  • Proven skills with related tools and technologies
  • Analytical approach to solving complex problems
  • A team player, but able to take independent initiatives as well
  • Prefer quality over quantity. It’s better to spend some extra time to make a great solution that is well-documented and easy to maintain. The time for quick hacks and temporary solutions is over
  • An ability to communicate and on occasional basis engage directly with Customers is a strong plus

Required Skills

DevOps 2-3 years
DevOps Engineer

DevOps Engineer

About the assignment:
Vilnius, Lithuania
Rate (after tax)
from €1500/Month
Full time position
Expire On
(4 weeks from now)

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