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C++ developer

Key skills required: C++


Darbas C++ programuotojui.


We are a small communications company with operations in Germany, the UK, the US, and the Caribbean. We are extending and operating existing high-performance C++ software to execute financial transactions in the world’s largest financial data centers starting with a code base of approximately 3.3 million lines of advanced C++ source code developed using modern coding practices by highly skilled developers who not only helped to write the IKM TeckChek but also contributed to the boost library parts of which have been incorporated into recent standard C++. The code base demonstrates many advanced coding techniques such as futures, lambdas, passing by r-value reference, high performance concurrent queues, multithreading, inter-process communication, NUMA, and kernel bypass networking.

You can work from home or from an office in Vilnius, we are very flexible.

We looking for two experienced C++ developers with a positive attitude. These developers will build on an existing suite of software. They will report to and be manged by one person, also a programmer with 25+ years of experience.

We offer:

  • a good salary,
  • a flexible schedule and working environment,
  • direct management by a technical person who is passionate about programming and science. 


  • IKM TeckChek C++ 14 Test, minimum score of 90%
  • Code samples demonstrating usage of modern C++ coding style and design,
  • Substantial and in depth C++ experience and mastery,
  • Boost experience,
  • Linux experience,
  • Creative and open-minded,
  • Fluency in English,
  • Flexibility in scheduling.


  • Boost proficiency,
  • Linux proficiency,
  • Python,
  • Advanced Mathematics.


  • Recreational Programming,
  • Began programming in adolescence,
  • Interest in other sciences,
  • Probability and Statistics.

If you love programming, are meticulous problem-solver, have strong interests in other sciences and are collaborative by nature, this is definitely the company you should work! We are not particular about education or specific experience, but we expect code samples and some testing. Drop your CV below.

Required Skills

C++ 2-3 years
Qt 1-2 years
Linux 1-2 years
English Basic User (A1/A2)
C++ developer

C++ developer

62% response rate

About the assignment:
Vilnius, Lithuania
Rate (after tax)
€1800 - 4000/Month
Full time position
Expire On
(6 months ago)

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