Free access to outstanding IT resources.

We’ve built HITCONTRACT for you. This is your recruitment platform.
We’ll constantly learn and adapt to you. You can do everything yourself,
but if you need us, our friendly team will be on hand when you‘ll need it.

We aim to eliminate the noise in the hiring process by efficiently
connecting IT talents to their best opportunities, and employers to their top prospects.




Available Consultants


Open Projects


Applied by Consultants


Invited by Manager


Arranged Interviews

We follow and analyze these behaviours regularly.
Our platform is not just an innovation in online job search.

It’s a mission to move IT market faster.

How we do it?

For example, we work hard to deliver the most relevant projects and
consultants on our platform. We gather assignment requests from a
large number of skilled people and businesses in the same place.


On platform you can find assignments from Baltic and Nordic
countries where you can get our local assistance while on assignment.


Algorithms that understands You.
Life can be predictable, so why not HITCONTRACT?
The more we learn about you, the better we’ll
get at keeping you one step ahead.

HITCONTRACT harnesses the power of algorithms to take everything
you put at it - location, rate, skills, experience, sector and more
- automatically shortlists into custom results unique to you.

It feels like magic, but it isnt. HITCONTRACT algorithms analyzes your
content and then automates hundreds of mundane matching options.
The result? Precisely matched result according your specific need.

It's easy to get connected.

To tap into the growing IT resource base,
HITCONTRACT is the way to go.

That is unique channel where businesses can get a quick and free
access to a market leading IT consultant base and invite any member.

However IT professionals avoid spending time on monitoring
numerous job boards while applying to positions they want.
Free and Anonymously.

We believe that this will deliver
a greater opportunities for everyone.

The value in time Our concept is based on a simple insight: Instead of you spending a lot of time
on searching projects or managing consultants, we will take care of it for you.
We are proactive We want to know market from up close and with a personal touch. We also present on various social sites, job boars, and niche networks, so your need is widely spread.
Your new channel An effective and new way of opening a hiring or employment channel in IT.
Locally and globally.
The value of money HITCONTRACT helps to create transparency and comparability. It enhances competition and creates greater opportunities. For everyone.
The value in quality HITCONTRACT performs continuous needs analyses to identify the needs of our customers and to allow us to develop our service.
We are field experts The platform is built and backed by industry experts with an average of 10 years experience. For consultants, we help understand where there's opportunity, and what you need to do to successfully pursue it. And for businesses, we want to show where there's talent, and where there's competition.



Simply, HITCONTRACT is evolving the way IT market moves.


Let's start