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Technical consultant

Senior (+5 years experience)
Key experience: MSSQL
Working Vilnius, Lithuania 2000 €/month

Personal Statement

Firstly about role - I've been working in the same role for all my career (except 1 year being analyst, doing requirement analysis, writing documents - I hate it). So my role was technical consultant, the one who meets a new client, analysis its business processes, prepares (sometimes just configuring, sometimes creating new solutions) our product and deploys it. Then I trian the client how to use it, and support client for some time (right after deployement - 1st level support, then giving that client so our Helpdesk and supporting client only with a more complex requests). And now about myself - I like this type of job, because:

  • sometimes I can just sit in office and calmly get into some SQL or even programming code.
  • sometimes I can travel, visit clients.
  • sometimes I can shut myself from people (it's possible when doing project alone)
  • sometimes I can communicate with a lot of people (I love my team, they help me motivate myself and create at least a small corner in my office that reminds me of home).

By the way, I like communicating with people, but not all day long :)

  • sometimes I can deploy somethign very simple and call it as a holiday week at work
  • sometimes I can create something custom, and try to surprise colleagues with very amazing HAX (or not so amazing, but still HAX :) )

So techniclaly what I hate:

  • routine at work
  • not having my personal space (we spend WAAAAAY TOO MUCH time at work)

If you are still reading this - welcoem to the end of the story, and have a nice day :)

Skill Stack

Visual Studio 2-3 years
Waterfall 2-3 years
Scrum 1-2 years
Agile 0-1 year
MSSQL 4-5 years
SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) 1-2 years
Firebird 1-2 years
DB Architecture 0-1 year
MySQL 0-1 year
Oracle PL/SQL 0-1 year
XML 3-4 years
HTML5 1-2 years
CSS3 1-2 years
SOAP 0-1 year
Test Case Design 0-1 year
Functional Testing 0-1 year
SoapUI 0-1 year
Hardware Assembling 0-1 year
Windows Servers 0-1 year
Active Directory 0-1 year
Requirments Analysis 2-3 years
Requirements Gathering 1-2 years
Business Analysis 1-2 years
IT Service Management 0-1 year
Team Leading 0-1 year
IT Solution Development 0-1 year
Solution Architecture 0-1 year
PHP 0-1 year
JavaScript 0-1 year
C# 0-1 year
Drupal 0-1 year
WordPress 0-1 year
Adobe Photoshop 0-1 year
JQuery 0-1 year
C# 0-1 year
IT Company 4-5 years
Lithuanian Gimtoji
English Independent User (B1/B2)
Bachelors degree in IT Graduated
High School degree Graduated
Really Good Person :) 5-6 years
Business Intelligence Consultant 2-3 years
IT Analyst 1-2 years
Business Analyst 0-1 year
Scrum Master 0-1 year
Designer 0-1 year
Helpdesk & IT Support 0-1 year
Technician 0-1 year
Exceptional Training + + +
Mind-blowing Projects + + +
Culture of Experiments + +
Relocation & Travel + +
HighTech-tools Supply +
Inspirational Leadership +
High-End Office +
Career Gateway +
Overwhelming Team +
Technical consultant

Technical consultant

Sector Background
IT Company

European Union only
Rate expectations
Project assignment: 20 €/h,
Full time position: 2000 €/month
Current status
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