Servers Delivery (DMZ, E-Channels)

Servers Delivery (DMZ, E-Channels)

Senior (+5 years experience)

Working | Vilnius, Lithuania
Key experience: Stakeholders Management | Customer Facing | Requirements Gathering | Hardware Assembling | Firewalls | Storage Area Networks (SAN)

Sector Background

IT Company



European Union only

Current status

Working (Updated: 5 years ago)

Personal Statement

Hi, I'm experienced IT engineer within developing Data Centers infrastructure. Currently working at Barclays technology center. I do manage servers end to end delivery into Barclays Data centers around the world. i'm SME on Servers delivery into DMZ and e-chennels. I do fix hardware, patching and system issues.

Skill Stack

Stakeholders Management 3-4 years
Customer Facing 3-4 years
Requirements Gathering 3-4 years
Support of Systems 2-3 years
IT Service Management 2-3 years
Release & Budget Planning 1-2 years
Hardware Assembling 3-4 years
Firewalls 3-4 years
Storage Area Networks (SAN) 3-4 years
Windows Servers 2-3 years
Windows Install & Support 2-3 years
Active Directory 2-3 years
Virtualization 2-3 years
Linux Servers 1-2 years
Linux Install & Support 1-2 years
Network Protocols 1-2 years
Cisco 1-2 years
VMWare 1-2 years
Red Hat 0-1 year
Jira 0-1 year