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Senior Software developer

Senior Software developer

Senior Software developer

Senior (+5 years experience)
Working (Hit me with offer) | | 2700 €/month
Key experience: JavaScript | PHP | C | Git
100% response rate

Sector Background

IT Company, Retail, Bank&Finance, Technology Startup



European Union only

Rate expectations (take home)

Project assignment: 17 €/h,
Full time position: 2700 €/month

Current status

Working (Hit me with offer)
(Updated: 4 months ago)

Personal Statement

I am a software developer with experience in designing, programming and testing various software applications on different platforms. I prefer writing clean, scalable and efficient source. Also I am looking for new challenges and opportunity to improve and learn new skills.

Skill Stack

Git +6 years
Eclipse 1-2 years
Jira 0-1 year
NetBeans 0-1 year
Visual Studio 0-1 year
JavaScript +6 years
PHP +6 years
C +6 years
SQL 5-6 years
Bash 5-6 years
Python 2-3 years
Ruby on Rails 0-1 year
Java 0-1 year
C++ 0-1 year
Cobol 0-1 year
C# 0-1 year
LUA 0-1 year
Google GO 0-1 year
Ruby 0-1 year
Linux 5-6 years
Ubuntu 5-6 years
Debian 2-3 years
Linux C++ 0-1 year
Embedded C 0-1 year
MySQL 5-6 years
NoSQL 1-2 years
DB2 0-1 year
SQLite 0-1 year
Bachelors degree in IT Graduated

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