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QA Specialist | System Analyst | Product Manager | Project Manager

Senior (+5 years experience)
Key experience: Linux | Selenium | CI (Continuous Integration) | Subversion | Performance Testing | Manual Testing | Test Automation | Regression Testing | Functional Testing | Acceptance Testing
Open to Discuss Stockholm , Sweden 4000 €/month

Personal Statement

I started my career as a Tester and from knowing what it is mean "testing" at first day I grow up into System Analyst. All gathered knowledge and practical experiences made me highly suitable to cover any position related to quality assurance. Even so, after two years of maternity leave, I do not feel like jumping in senior role. I could start as junior or mid-level QA specialist and grow again, just faster.

Also, even I do not have official experience as a team leader I strongly believe that all my earlier responsibilities, my passion for analysis, planning, organizing and more allow me to fit into any position related to product/project management. This area is my highest career goal. It would be perfect to start as assistant.

I am driven by changes and challenges. I love motivated people around me and I cannot stand sitting without work too long. Having me as an employee means having an accurate and responsible, result-focused and flexible, friendly and cooperative team member.

Skill Stack

Linux 4-5 years
Ubuntu 2-3 years
Linux/Unix Admin 0-1 year
Selenium 4-5 years
Performance Testing 4-5 years
Manual Testing 4-5 years
Test Automation 4-5 years
Regression Testing 4-5 years
Functional Testing 4-5 years
Acceptance Testing 4-5 years
Subversion 4-5 years
UML 2-3 years
Confluence 2-3 years
CI (Continuous Integration) 4-5 years
Scrum 3-4 years
Agile 3-4 years
Sprint 3-4 years
MySQL 3-4 years
Oracle DB 0-1 year
Visual C++ 0-1 year
C++ 0-1 year
Requirements Gathering 3-4 years
Requirement Specification 3-4 years
Requirments Analysis 3-4 years
Team Leading 1-2 years
Stakeholders Management 0-1 year
Customer Facing 0-1 year
Data Analysis 0-1 year
Risk Management 0-1 year
Data Management 0-1 year
VirtualBox 1-2 years
VMWare 0-1 year
Tester 4-5 years
Quality Assurance Specialist 4-5 years
IT Analyst 2-3 years
Scrum Master 1-2 years
Team Lead 1-2 years
Test Manager 1-2 years
Product Owner 1-2 years
IT Company 4-5 years
High School degree Graduated
Lithuanian Gimtoji
English Independent User (B1/B2)
Mind-blowing Projects + + +
Exceptional Training + + +
Inspirational Leadership + +
Relocation & Travel +
QA Specialist | System Analyst | Product Manager | Project Manager

QA Specialist | System Analyst | Product Manager | Project Manager

100% response rate

Sector Background
IT Company

European Union only
Rate expectations
Project assignment: 40 €/h,
Full time position: 4000 €/month
Current status
Open to Discuss
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