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Java Developer

Mid-level (2-4 years experience)
Key experience: Java | JavaScript | SQL | HTML
Working Riga, Latvia 2700 €/month

Personal Statement

Have been involved in large enterprise projects, therefore have had experience with different layers of enterprise architecture. High performance webapps, enterprise integrations, cloud delivery, hybrid apps and much more - been there, done that.

I would say that my best qualities are focus on quality and simplicitly. The things I value most in development are clean code, good design and productivity. There should be no problems with communication on daily basis.

I am looking for a project where I would not have to worry about manual regression testing, where quality is main concern and which is well organized - monolithic legacy applications is not something I want to deal with.

My goal is to extend my knowledge in software development and architecture, to become more productive.

I've been working in teams distributed over multiple locations since the begginging of my career, so remote work would be nothing new.

Skill Stack

Scrum 3-4 years
Agile 3-4 years
CI (Continuous Integration) 3-4 years
OOP (Object-Oriented Programming) 3-4 years
Lean 2-3 years
Kanban 1-2 years
Waterfall 0-1 year
TDD (Test-Driven Development) 0-1 year
Git 3-4 years
Jira 3-4 years
Jenkins 3-4 years
IntelliJ IDEA 3-4 years
Confluence 3-4 years
PMD 2-3 years
Subversion 0-1 year
Eclipse 0-1 year
Grunt 0-1 year
Bamboo 0-1 year
Xcode 0-1 year
HTML 4-5 years
Ajax 2-3 years
CSS3 2-3 years
JSon 2-3 years
HTML5 2-3 years
REST 2-3 years
Bootstrap 1-2 years
XML 1-2 years
Amazon Web Services 1-2 years
SOAP 0-1 year
SASS 0-1 year
TomCat 2-3 years
Jetty 2-3 years
Solr 1-2 years
Amazon Web Services 1-2 years
Weblogic 0-1 year
JUnit 2-3 years
Test Automation 1-2 years
Selenium 0-1 year
JMeter 0-1 year
Mockito 0-1 year
Jasmine 0-1 year
Cucumber 0-1 year
Solaris 1-2 years
Linux 1-2 years
Ubuntu 1-2 years
Scripting 0-1 year
Support of Systems 1-2 years
Applications Integration 1-2 years
Infrastructure Architecture 0-1 year
Application Architecture 0-1 year
DevOps 0-1 year
SQL 3-4 years
Oracle DB 2-3 years
NoSQL 1-2 years
MSSQL 1-2 years
PostgreSQL 1-2 years
MySQL 0-1 year
SQLite 0-1 year
Oracle PL/SQL 0-1 year
Redis 0-1 year
Maven 3-4 years
Spring 3-4 years
Java SE 3-4 years
Hibernate 2-3 years
JDBC 2-3 years
LOG4J 2-3 years
SLF4J 2-3 years
Java 8 2-3 years
Servlets 1-2 years
Spring MVC 1-2 years
J2EE 0-1 year
JSP 0-1 year
JAXB 0-1 year
EJB 0-1 year
Thymeleaf 0-1 year
Google Guice 0-1 year
Java 4-5 years
JavaScript 4-5 years
SQL 4-5 years
C# 1-2 years
Scala 0-1 year
Bash 0-1 year
LUA 0-1 year
JQuery 1-2 years
Rest API 1-2 years
Node.JS 0-1 year
Angular.JS 0-1 year
Type Script 0-1 year
Linux Servers 2-3 years
Windows Servers 1-2 years
LDAP 0-1 year
Load Balancing 0-1 year
Hybrid Android 0-1 year
Java Developer

Java Developer

17% response rate

Sector Background
IT Company, Public Sector

Remotely only
Rate expectations
Project assignment: 16 €/h,
Full time position: 2700 €/month
Current status
(Updated: 1 year ago)

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