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IT Project Manager / Service Delivery Manager

IT Project Manager / Service Delivery Manager

IT Project Manager / Service Delivery Manager

Expert (+10 years experience)
Working (Hit me with offer) | Riga, Latvia | 4500 €/month
Key experience: Scrum | Agile | Jira | Waterfall | Confluence | Stakeholders Management | Customer Facing | Team Leading | Release & Budget Planning | Support of Systems | Requirements Gathering | IT Service Management | Risk Management | Requirement Specification | Requirments Analysis

Sector Background

Bank&Finance, Telecommunication, IT Company, E-Commerce



European Union only

Rate expectations (take home)

Project assignment: 1 €/h,
Full time position: 4500 €/month

Current status

Working (Hit me with offer)
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Personal Statement

I am an IT professional with over 15 years of experience. My entire previous career was associated with the IT field.

I have started as Network administrator and quickly became team leader, managing a team of network administrators & helpdesk, who provided support for end-users starting from desktop applications, ending up with full company’s infrastructure maintenance and administration. I’ve spent many years in this area, therefore all those “Linuxes”, “Unixes”, “Windows”, “Exchanges”, “SQLs” and all hardware / networking related stuff are not just cool names for me.

Ten years ago, I changed direction of my career and started to work as a Project Manager, managing large and technically complex projects. Initially projects were related mostly to infrastructure (hardware / networking), later I started to lead software development and maintenance projects. Over the years, I became familiar with different project management methodologies and used them practically. Nevertheless, majority of projects were Waterfall / Agile based, I have also some Scrum experience. Also, I know what does it mean to be within tight delivery terms, keep project within budget and the same time keep all promises given to the customer and deliver quality product. And I feel reasonably good under all these circumstances.

I am accurate, positive-minded, with a strong sense of responsibility. I have an ability to work both independently and as a team member.

I hope that both my experience and personal qualities will make me successful and mutually beneficial to integrate to your company's team.

Skill Stack

Scrum +6 years
Agile +6 years
Waterfall +6 years
ITIL (IT Infrastructure Library) 5-6 years
Jira +6 years
Confluence +6 years
TFS 5-6 years
Stakeholders Management +6 years
Customer Facing +6 years
Team Leading +6 years
Release & Budget Planning +6 years
Support of Systems +6 years
Requirements Gathering +6 years
IT Service Management +6 years
Risk Management +6 years
Requirement Specification +6 years
Requirments Analysis +6 years
Engineer +6 years
Project Manager +6 years
Really Good Person :) +6 years
Network Technician +6 years
Team Lead 4-5 years
IT Analyst 2-3 years
Scrum Master 2-3 years
Assistant 2-3 years
Business Analyst 2-3 years
Telecommunication +6 years
IT Company +6 years
App Development +6 years
Bank & Finance 3-4 years
Public Sector 3-4 years
eCommerce 3-4 years
Rusų Родной Язык
English Proficient Business Level (C1/C2)
German Einfacher Benutzer (A1/A2)
High School degree Graduated
Bachelors degree in IT Graduated
Masters degree in IT Graduated
Doctors degree in IT Graduated
Mind-blowing Projects + + +
Relocation & Travel + +
Overwhelming Team + +
Inspirational Leadership + +
Exceptional Training + +
Culture of Experiments + +

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