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Full-stack Javascript and .NET developer

Full-stack Javascript and .NET developer

Full-stack Javascript and .NET developer

Expert (+10 years experience)
Working (Hit me with offer) | Vilnius, Lithuania | 2600 €/month
Key experience: MSSQL | C# | .Net | C# | OOP (Object-Oriented Programming) | Visual Studio
18% response rate

Sector Background

IT Company, Retail, Bank&Finance



European Union only

Rate expectations (take home)

Project assignment: 28 €/h,
Full time position: 2600 €/month

Current status

Working (Hit me with offer)
(Updated: 3 weeks ago)

Personal Statement

I am a full-stack developer. For last 3 years I have been working with AngularJs, ReactJs and Javascript. Previously I spent 8 years with various .NET technologies (C#, ASP.NET WebApi, MVC, Web Services, WinForms, WPF/Silverlight, ADO.NET and SQL server).

I know what is technical debt, I am always trying to follow best software development patterns and practices. I have experience with unit testing and code reviews. I am ready to mentor junior developers.

"Hot keywords" - SCRUM, Git flow, work in international team, Jira, Code reviews, Unit testing.

p.s. recently I have started working as a front-end lead developer. I am key person in 5 FE developers team, who is making decisions, helps others, ensures product quality and delivery on time (tech stack: React, Redux, ECMAScript6, Webpack).

Skill Stack

MSSQL +6 years
C# +6 years
.Net +6 years
ASP.Net 4-5 years
Razor 2-3 years
ORM 2-3 years
RESTful 2-3 years
MVC 2-3 years
WPF 1-2 years
IoC and Dependency Injection 1-2 years
WCF 0-1 year
C# +6 years
JavaScript 3-4 years
SQL 1-2 years
Visual Studio +6 years
Git 2-3 years
Jira 2-3 years
Team City 1-2 years
IntelliJ IDEA 1-2 years
TFS 1-2 years
Confluence 1-2 years
Gulp 0-1 year
Sonar 0-1 year
Bamboo 0-1 year
OOP (Object-Oriented Programming) +6 years
Waterfall 3-4 years
Scrum 2-3 years
CI (Continuous Integration) 2-3 years
Sprint 0-1 year
Kanban 0-1 year
Bootstrap 2-3 years
JSon 2-3 years
HTML5 2-3 years
Ajax 1-2 years
CSS3 1-2 years
XML 1-2 years
SOAP 1-2 years
REST 1-2 years
SASS 0-1 year
SilverLight 0-1 year
Angular.JS 1-2 years
React.JS 1-2 years
JQuery 1-2 years
Meteor.JS 0-1 year
Type Script 0-1 year
KnockoutJS 0-1 year
Redux 0-1 year
Developer +6 years
IT Company +6 years
App Development +6 years
Retail 3-4 years
High School degree Graduated
Bachelors degree in IT Graduated
Lithuanian Gimtoji
English Independent User (B1/B2)
Rusų Обычный Пользователь (A1/A2)
Mind-blowing Projects No
Overwhelming Team No
Inspirational Leadership No
Career Gateway No
Exceptional Training No

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