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Business Consultant/Analyst

Business Consultant/Analyst

Business Consultant/Analyst

Expert (+10 years experience)
Working (Hit me with offer) | Vilnius, Lithuania | 2500 €/month
Key experience: Scrum | Agile | Business Analysis | Requirement Specification | Requirments Analysis | Mac OS X | Windows

Sector Background

Bank&Finance, IT Company, Insurance, Retail



European Union only

Rate expectations (take home)

Project assignment: 30 €/h,
Full time position: 2500 €/month

Current status

Working (Hit me with offer)
(Updated: 1 month ago)

Personal Statement

Business Analyst with 7 years of experience working with tailored IT applications and services development (business analysis, consulting, maintenance and support, project and process management) and 10 years of general experience with IT products and services for banking, insurance and retail industries. Trained in project and process management, finance.

Focused on client and creating value. Innovates, drives changes, challenges existing setups. Quickly orients in new domains. Uses analytical thinking, diverse experience and business sense to provide creative problem solutions. Employs “can do” attitude and structured approach for results delivery. Enjoys dynamic environments and international engagements. Communicates openly, professionally and with cultural awareness.

Currently interested in oppurtunities in management and business consulting area or working on business side of IT products/services development.

Skill Stack

Scrum +6 years
Agile +6 years
Waterfall 1-2 years
Lean 1-2 years
Kanban 1-2 years
ITIL (IT Infrastructure Library) 0-1 year
Mac OS X +6 years
Windows +6 years
Documentation 3-4 years
Cloud 3-4 years
CMS (Content Management System) 1-2 years
Business Analysis +6 years
Requirement Specification +6 years
Requirments Analysis +6 years
Stakeholders Management 4-5 years
Support of Systems 4-5 years
SaaS (Software as a Service) 4-5 years
IT Solution Development 4-5 years
Customer Facing 3-4 years
Data Analysis 1-2 years
Configuration Management 1-2 years
Team Leading 0-1 year
IBM 4-5 years
Lotus 3-4 years
SQL 5-6 years
MySQL 1-2 years
Oracle DB 1-2 years
HTML 2-3 years
XML 1-2 years
SOAP 1-2 years
AutoCAD 1-2 years
GUI-Design 1-2 years
UI Design 1-2 years
UX Design 1-2 years
Shell Scripting 1-2 years
PHP 1-2 years
SQL 1-2 years
C++ 0-1 year
Delphi 0-1 year
VBScript (Visual Basic Script) 0-1 year
Bank & Finance +6 years
IT Company +6 years
Retail 3-4 years
Insurance 1-2 years
Business Analyst +6 years
Tester 3-4 years
IT Analyst 3-4 years
Supporter 3-4 years
Quality Assurance Specialist 3-4 years
Product Owner 2-3 years
Lithuanian Gimtoji
English Proficient Business Level (C1/C2)
Rusų Опытный Пользователь (C1/C2)
German Einfacher Benutzer (A1/A2)
High School degree Graduated
Bachelors degree in IT Graduated
Mind-blowing Projects + + +
Overwhelming Team + + +
Career Gateway + + +
Exceptional Training + + +
Culture of Experiments + + +
Relocation & Travel + +
Inspirational Leadership + +
High-End Office +
HighTech-tools Supply +

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