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Agile Development Team, Startup Development Team

Junior (1-2 years experience)
Key experience: Ajax | MySQL | PostgreSQL | CSS3 | RESTEasy | JSon | XML | XSLT | Waterfall | DB Architecture | Mobile Automated Testing | Solution Architecture | Stakeholders Management | Customer Facing | Team Leading | Release & Budget Planning | Support of Systems | Business Analysis | Data Analysis | Requirements Gathering | HTML | Security Architecture | Infrastructure Architecture | Application Architecture | DevOps | Applications Integration | Flash | Adobe Photoshop | Adobe Illustrator | Adobe Indesign | InDesign | Wireframing | Configuration Management | IT Service Management | Test Automation | Interaction/Graphic Design | GUI-Design | Axure
Open to Discuss Vilnius, Lithuania 100 €/month

Personal Statement

We are agile team that creates great online products and services. We are not selling a product or man hours, what we’re really selling is the path to the final product. For years we have exclusively worked with startup founders to bring their product visions into reality. Our core expertise is in user interface design and software development for startups.

Designing and building top notch, custom digital products is challenging. Getting it just right is no easy feat. So finding the right partner to work with is very important. It's highly unlikely you could just pluck any random people, at any random moment in history and expected them to build something amazing.


At Indigo Kids we have great team with the right set of skills gained from working on hundreds of digital projects in fields related to everything from e-commerce and corporate website to advertisement and branding. We are passionate about creating products and services that delight and positively impact the people who use them.


We put the needs of your business ahead of our own. Trust is important in a relationship, that's exactly why Menu 123 (New York based startup) have hired us over the last 3 years to help them develop their food ordering platform.




How We Can Help Startups

  • Improving an existing product
    We will help your organization develop a clearer picture of the needs and goals of the people at the heart of your product or service. We do a lot of redesign work and help clients get the next version of their sites, apps or software working.

  • Creating Minimum Viable Product
    Seeing is believing. We build prototypes and ready to launch small parts of the project to help you test hypotheses in the marketplace, build internal momentum around a product idea, pitch to investors, and serve as a “living” reference for your development team.

  • Creating a new product
    Designing the future means thinking big. We can help you to create something new and unique. Our team will help you build exceptional websites and applications that ship to market in record time.

  • Managing Development
    We use Agile Scrum to manage our web development process. We can help you to organize your development process, show you the right tools and methods of managing startups.

  • Remote Development Team
    Think of us as an extension of your team. Our interdisciplinary team offers expertise in fields related to everything from e-commerce and responsive website to advertisement and branding.

  • Consulting and advising your existing team
    Have a need for expert advice and direction with the user experience, visual design, or development? We have over 10 years experience on all types of projects that we put to work for you when consulting on best practices and strategic Web decisions.

We believe if you do good work, you get good work.

Our website:

Skill Stack

Ajax 5-6 years
CSS3 5-6 years
RESTEasy 5-6 years
JSon 5-6 years
XML 5-6 years
XSLT 5-6 years
HTML 5-6 years
Flash 5-6 years
Bootstrap 4-5 years
HTML5 4-5 years
SOAP 3-4 years
SASS 3-4 years
LESS 3-4 years
REST 3-4 years
MySQL 5-6 years
PostgreSQL 5-6 years
DB Architecture 5-6 years
Solution Architecture 5-6 years
Stakeholders Management 5-6 years
Customer Facing 5-6 years
Team Leading 5-6 years
Release & Budget Planning 5-6 years
Support of Systems 5-6 years
Business Analysis 5-6 years
Data Analysis 5-6 years
Requirements Gathering 5-6 years
Security Architecture 5-6 years
Infrastructure Architecture 5-6 years
Application Architecture 5-6 years
DevOps 5-6 years
Applications Integration 5-6 years
Configuration Management 5-6 years
IT Service Management 5-6 years
Adobe Photoshop 5-6 years
Adobe Illustrator 5-6 years
Adobe Indesign 5-6 years
InDesign 5-6 years
Wireframing 5-6 years
Interaction/Graphic Design 5-6 years
GUI-Design 5-6 years
Axure 5-6 years
Adobe Creative Suite 2-3 years
Waterfall 5-6 years
Scrum 3-4 years
Agile 3-4 years
Sprint 3-4 years
TDD (Test-Driven Development) 2-3 years
CI (Continuous Integration) 1-2 years
Symfony 3-4 years
Mobile Automated Testing 5-6 years
Test Automation 5-6 years
JUnit 1-2 years
Selenium 1-2 years
Backbone.JS 1-2 years
Angular.JS 0-1 year
React.JS 0-1 year
Agile Development Team, Startup Development Team

Agile Development Team, Startup Development Team

Sector Background
Bank&Finance, Telecommunication, Advertising, IT Company, Insurance, E-Commerce, Technology Startup, Retail

Remotely only
Rate expectations
Project assignment: 40 €/h,
Full time position: 100 €/month
Current status
Open to Discuss
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